there is no need for words.

there is no need for words.

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Before you ask a question, see if it’s already answered here! We will not answer anything that's already answered here.

Please DO NOT ASK when/where new videos are. When nothing is being submitted, it's because we're working on them.

【General FAQ】

[Are you two in a relationship with eachother?]

➜YES YES YES!! We’ve been together for quite a few years now!

[Are commissions open?]

➜No, they’ll be closed for a while. If they are opened we’ll let you know.

[What is a commission?]

➜It’s where you pay for artwork to be done. More detail about it will be posted if they’re ever opened again.

[What program do you animate with?]

➜Adobe Flash Professional

[What program do you draw with?]

➜An english version of Paint Tool Sai

[What are your pen settings in SAI?]

[What tablets do you guys have?]

➜Dalton has a Wacom Cintiq HD 13 in.

Emi has a Wacom Intuos 5

[What microphone do you use?]

➜Blue Spark

[Can I do work for your videos? voice/art/animation?]

➜Currently we do not need any sort of extra help. If we do need any in the future, we will be sure announce it!

[Can I request something? (Animation/Drawing/Etc.)]

➜Sorry but we’re a little busy with our own work currently

[Do you have a DeviantArt account?]

➜NO! We don’t get along with the staff and the community isn’t the best unfortunately. If you’d like to see art however, click the “art” tab on the left.

[Can you make one?]

➜No sorry, we’re not too interested

[Can you give me Drawing/Animation tips?]

➜To be honest, that a rather vague question. If you could be more specific then we’d be able to answer. As far as general tips go all we can say is practice!

[Do you guys play games?]

➜Yep! We’ll be playing a lot on our gaming channel, JaltoidGames.

We do play a lot of games though, mostly PC (steam) but a fair share of handheld and console as well

[Do you guys watch anime?]

➜When we have time to

[You have a 3ds? Can we add eachother?]

➜We’re sorry, but we’d rather only really share with our close friends.

[Can you we see a real pic?]

➜Yep! We both have pictures on our public facebooks.


▼How do you capture you gameplay? ▼

We use an Elgato Game Capture HD

▼Can I make a video with your gameplay audio?▼

That would be awesome, we encourage you to do so!

▼Do you guys take requests?▼

Yes, the best way to request a game is to send it to our P.O. Box (with no return)

▼What systems do you own that you can do let's plays for▼

NES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii ,Xbox360, WiiU, and PC(Steam)

✪Other Websites:

Youtube: Jaltoid ; JaltoidGames ; supercodplayer1995
Facebook: Jaltoid ; JaltoidGames ; supercodplayer1995 ; Dalton ; Emi
Other: Twitter ; Newgrounds ; Twitch ; Miiverse