Another IP to try to connect to our Minecraft server with:


We’ve been informed that our main IP may be giving a select few some issues when trying to connect with it. If that’s true, try to connect to the number IP you see above. That should help you. <:


aftersafa asked: Why aren't you making any new videos?

We are, making them. That’s why they haven’t been uploaded yet. ;)


archjelly asked: What's the difference between a normal t shirt and a premium t shirt other than the price?

Premium t-shirt is really comfortable because of the material. At least that’s what we think. We’ve tried em ourselves. Though, there’s nothing wrong with the regular shirts either. 


postmesmeric asked: How did the whole "red hoodie Dalton, green hoodie Emi" thing come about? Was it based on real life or just a creative choice when designing your animated selves?

It was actually just based on what we wore all the time <:

North America Shop:;re LIVE! Use the promo code: LAUNCHto get free standard shipping on 2 items or more! Valid until July, 26, 2014Also if you live in Europe/UK, be sure to order from the UK shop for cheaper/faster shipping!Europe/UK shop:;re still working on more designs too, so there will be a lot more to come)

North America Shop:

We’re LIVE! Use the promo code: LAUNCH
to get free standard shipping on 2 items or more! Valid until July, 26, 2014

Also if you live in Europe/UK, be sure to order from the UK shop for cheaper/faster shipping!
Europe/UK shop:

We’re still working on more designs too, so there will be a lot more to come)

Oh yes, finally. Its happening soon! Expect us to have T-Shirts, and more VERY soon! Designs include, but are not limited to, Us, supercodplayer1995, poop with boobs, and a gadda go fazt designs. 

If you have any suggestions for apparel PLEASE feel free to suggest them in the comments or send us an email. We’d love to hear any input. 
All current designs are above!

Before you ask a question, see if it’s already answered here! We will not answer anything that's already answered here.

Please DO NOT ASK when/where new videos are. As soon as one is finished, it will get uploaded. When nothing is being submitted, it is because we're working.

【General FAQ】

[Are commissions open?]

➜No, they’ll be closed for a while. If they are opened we’ll let you know.

[What is a commission?]

➜It’s where you pay for artwork to be done. More detail about it will be posted if they’re ever opened again.

[What program do you animate with?]

➜Adobe Flash Professional

[What program do you draw with?]

➜An english version of Paint Tool Sai

[What tablets do you guys have?]

➜Dalton has a Wacom Cintiq HD 13 in.

Emi has a Wacom Intuos 5

[Are you dating?]

➜YES YES YES!! We’ve been dating for some years now

[Can I do work for your videos? voice/art/animation?]

➜Currently we do not need any sort of extra help. If we do need any in the future, we will be sure announce it!

[Can I request something? (Animation/Drawing/Etc.)]

➜Sorry but we’re a little busy with our own work currently

[Do you have a DeviantArt account?]

➜NO! We don’t get along with the staff and the community isn’t the best unfortunately. If you’d like to see art however, click the “art” tab on the left.

[Can you make one?]

➜No sorry, we’re not too interested

[Can you give me Drawing/Animation tips?]

➜To be honest, that a rather vague question. If you could be more specific then we’d be able to answer. As far as general tips go all we can say is practice!

[Do you guys play games?]

➜Yep! We’ll be playing a lot on our gaming channel, JaltoidGames.

We play a lot of games, mostly PC (steam) but a fair share of handheld and console as well

[Do you guys watch anime?]

➜When we have time to

[You have a 3ds? Can we add eachother?]

➜We’re sorry, but we’d rather only really share with our close friends.

[Can you we see a real pic?]

➜Well... they are actually out there. You'd have to find em.


JaltoidGames related questions:

▼How do you capture you gameplay? ▼

We use an Elgato Game Capture HD

▼Can I make a video with your gameplay audio?▼

That would be awesome, we encourage you to do so!

▼Do you guys take requests?▼

Yes, the best way to request a game is to send it to our P.O. Box (with no return)

▼What systems do you own?(that we can do lets plays for)▼

NES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii ,Xbox360, WiiU, and PC(Steam)


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EXTRA: supercodplayer1995

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(If you got a friend request on steam[or any other social networking site] by any other supercodplayer1995\’s it is not the real supercodplayer)



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Dalton Joyce and Emi Kuc (Or just Jaltoid)


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