I really like there drawing skills/animating skills so I made them fanart

Very cute, thank you! C:



I really like there drawing skills/animating skills so I made them fanart

Very cute, thank you! C:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALTON !!! ♥ (turned 23 today c: 9/13)

( posted this late last night/early this morning because I couldn’t wait hehe )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALTON !!! ♥ (turned 23 today c: 9/13)

Could I draw that, if I may

Sure thing! It’d actually be really cool to see how people interpreted us in that way. c:


handtonature asked: what would Jaltoid be if they were furries? c:

Like what animals would we be? Hm..

Emi: Fox
Dalton: Wolf

We’d have the same clothes and hair and everything - wonder why we haven’t drawn that yet … It’d be cute! Not sure about fur colors or anything don’t wanna be too boring or too complicated!! O:




Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

IF YOU LIVE IN AMERICA, PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY AND VOICE YOUR SUPPORT FOR NET NEUTRALITY! It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s not scary. I literally just got off the phone with a representative from my California senator’s office letting them know I support Net Neutrality. It wasn’t difficult and the whole process took less than 2 minutes.

Net Neutrality may seem boring or unimportant, but it affects every single person who uses the internet in this country. My job and career are dependent in a large part on having access to websites supported by smaller budgets, and without Net Neutrality reliable access to those sites would be threatened. I want to create jobs, I want to be a productive part of this economy and of this country, but if the FCC is allowed to create fast and slow lanes for internet traffic my opportunity to do that, along with millions of others across the country, will be under fire.

Please email or call your Senator today and urge them to ask the FCC to classify internet service providers as Title II. Don’t let the open internet become a page in the history books.

I don’t usually reblog, but this is important.

Before you ask a question, see if it’s already answered here! We will not answer anything that's already answered here.

Please DO NOT ASK when/where new videos are. When nothing is being submitted, it's because we're working on them.

【General FAQ】

[Are you two in a relationship with eachother?]

➜YES YES YES!! We’ve been together for quite a few years now!

[Are commissions open?]

➜No, they’ll be closed for a while. If they are opened we’ll let you know.

[What is a commission?]

➜It’s where you pay for artwork to be done. More detail about it will be posted if they’re ever opened again.

[What program do you animate with?]

➜Adobe Flash Professional

[What program do you draw with?]

➜An english version of Paint Tool Sai

[What are your pen settings in SAI?]

[What tablets do you guys have?]

➜Dalton has a Wacom Cintiq HD 13 in.

Emi has a Wacom Intuos 5

[What microphone do you use?]

➜Blue Spark

[Can I do work for your videos? voice/art/animation?]

➜Currently we do not need any sort of extra help. If we do need any in the future, we will be sure announce it!

[Can I request something? (Animation/Drawing/Etc.)]

➜Sorry but we’re a little busy with our own work currently

[Do you have a DeviantArt account?]

➜NO! We don’t get along with the staff and the community isn’t the best unfortunately. If you’d like to see art however, click the “art” tab on the left.

[Can you make one?]

➜No sorry, we’re not too interested

[Can you give me Drawing/Animation tips?]

➜To be honest, that a rather vague question. If you could be more specific then we’d be able to answer. As far as general tips go all we can say is practice!

[Do you guys play games?]

➜Yep! We’ll be playing a lot on our gaming channel, JaltoidGames.

We do play a lot of games though, mostly PC (steam) but a fair share of handheld and console as well

[Do you guys watch anime?]

➜When we have time to

[You have a 3ds? Can we add eachother?]

➜We’re sorry, but we’d rather only really share with our close friends.

[Can you we see a real pic?]

➜Yep! We both have pictures on our public facebooks.


▼How do you capture you gameplay? ▼

We use an Elgato Game Capture HD

▼Can I make a video with your gameplay audio?▼

That would be awesome, we encourage you to do so!

▼Do you guys take requests?▼

Yes, the best way to request a game is to send it to our P.O. Box (with no return)

▼What systems do you own that you can do let's plays for▼

NES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii ,Xbox360, WiiU, and PC(Steam)

✪Other Websites:

Youtube: Jaltoid ; JaltoidGames ; supercodplayer1995
Facebook: Jaltoid ; JaltoidGames ; supercodplayer1995 ; Dalton ; Emi
Other: Twitter ; Newgrounds ; Twitch ; Miiverse